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English 20803

Fall 2023

Annotated Bibliography



  1. After declaring your research topic for this semester, locate 10 sources of information to open your inquiry into your topic.  Read the sources (or the abstracts/summaries that precede them) and compile an annotated bibliography in APA Style.

  2. Using your ability to classify evidence, choose your sources wisely, honoring scientific integrity, privileging sources that are meta-analytic.  

  3. You may not use as your dominant evidence reports from CNN, Fox, or MSNBC,  or "popular" magazines that appeal to uneducated consumers or readers such as Time, Newsweek, People, etc.  Instead, use them to backtrack to the original source. You may use high quality national newspapers such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, etc.  or high quality magazines such as Scientific American, Wired. Original studies are stronger sources that secondary sources describing the studies.


Requirements CHECKLIST:

1 meta-analysis (a comprehensive study of all known research on the topic, "think tank" source, or federal report.

1 example of an existing law or proposed legislation on your topic

1 source that you disagree with on the topic

2 or 3 current or "landmark" articles on your topic from reputable peer-reviewed journals 

1 mainstream convention news source: newspaper, television, radio.

1 source that contains graphic argument, such as charts, graphs, or tables

1 source that is questionable, fake, or part of a disinformation campaign.

1 documentary film on your topic 


Format the bibliography in APA STYLE , consulting the Purdue OWL (SEE BOX BELOW).

Include annotations of no more than two paragraphs summarizing the source and its relevance to your topic.

Due Date:  TBA

example APA annotation:

(year published)
(title, with caps dropped)
This study continues the data stream of earlier studies by asking 72 groups of college students between 1979 and 2009 (a total of13,737) to self-report their dispostional empathy. The findings led these authors to conclude that empathy is declining among young people, with a huge drop after the year 2000.
Konrath, S.H.,O'Brien,E.H.,& Hsing,C.(2011). Changes in dispositional empathy
     in American college students over time: a meta-analysis. Personality and
     Social Psychology Review,15(2), 180-198.
(volume & issue)
(journal in italics)
hanging indent
link to Purdue's APA STYLE GUIDE here:

We will be using APA (American Psychological Association) style to document sources in this course.  This method of citing sources is the most widely used at TCU, especially in the sciences, social sciences, kinesiology, environmental sciences, nursing, and business.  The good news:  a searchable guide is available at the Purdue OWL APA section.

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