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English 20803

Cognitive Biases Reflection Essay

Due: before class starts on Friday, August 25.


Part 1: Consult at least two sources on cognitive biases from the list included below before you complete this assignment.

Mental Floss article on common cognitive biases

Better Humans blog post "cheat sheet" on understanding cognitive biases

Scientific American article on cognitive biases in sports

Wikipedia list of cognitive biases


Part 2: Make a list of the 5 cognitive biases that you consider to be the most dangerous or discouraging in everyday human affairs and transactions.  Write a short reflective essay (no more than 1 page single-spaced) explaining your choices and providing examples as evidence that justify those choices.  Also mention or give credit for any material you use from your sources.  When you are finished, please log in to D2L/TCU Online, and upload your paper by the beginning of class time Friday, Aug. 25.

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