Unit 1: Evidence

M Jan 10: Course intro

W Jan 12: Dissoi Logoi, Epoche, Exigence, Kairos

F Jan 14 :     Cognitive Biases Reflection Assignment


M Jan 17: Martin Luther King commemoration/class does not meet

W Jan 19: Cargo Cult Science & Scientific Integrity

F Jan 21: Evidence &  Appeals


M Jan 24:   Evidence Mapping Quiz (Rhetorical Analysis)  

W Jan 26: Research Terminology Review

F Jan 28: Evidence Test (take home)

M Jan 31: The Scientific Evidence Cycle/ Topic Discussion Day           

W Feb 2 :Types of Sources: Peer-Reviewed, Think Tanks, Meta-analyses

Th Feb 3: Evidence Test (take home) due in D2L dropbox, please

F: Feb 4: Types of Sources: Propaganda, PseudoScience, Fake News,                         Perception Management

M Feb 7: Kuhn Cycle Quiz / Assign   Annotated Bibliographies

W Feb 9: Open Sourcing Workshop:  Google Research Shortcuts

F Feb 11:   APA BASICS 


M Feb 14: Setting up Twitter research feeds in class; bring laptops.

W Feb 16: Rhetorical Analysis: UN Charter on Human Rights

F Feb 18:   Open workshop (optional attendance) for Bibliographies

M. Feb. 21: Bibliographies due in Dropbox by the end of the day, please

Unit 2: Classical Argument

M Feb 21: Intro to Classical Argument
W Feb 23:
 Discussion of MLK's Birmingham jail letter
F Feb25: Writing Intros & Background

M Feb 28: Writing Background/Narratio
W Mar 2: Writing Rebuttals, Calls to Action
F Mar 4: Open workshop class, attendance optional

M Mar 7: Spring break
W Mar 9: Spring break
F Mar 11:  Spring break (cutoff date for draft feedback)

M Mar 14: Copyright and Fair Use
Graphics Banks assignment discussion
W Mar 16: Twitter feeds, open sourcing, catch and release

F Mar 18:drafting workshops/graphics banks


Unit 4:
Conflict Resolution and Arbitration

M Mar 21:  Graphics Banks due/ conflict                            resolution prep

W Mar 23: Conflict resolution intro

F Mar 25:  Conference Day

M Mar 28: Conflict Resolution Terminology 

W Mar 30: Mini-essay in-class writing

F Apr 1: open workshop?

Unit 3: Framing & Warrants

M Apr 4: Intro to Framing

         CUT-OFF DAY/ classical arg, graphics, mini-


W Apr 6: Framing with syllogisms

F Apr 8: Syllowidget PPT lab

M Apr 11: FAQs assignment

W Apr 13: Present logical fallacies Youtubes

F Apr 15: holiday/class does not meet


Unit 5: Public Advocacy


Networking Event

M Apr 18: Intro to public advocacy & Wix website assignment

W Apr 20: Wix workshop: FAQs due

F Apr 22:  Wix workshop: general

M Apr 25: website workshop  

W Apr 27: website workshop

Working in Cafe