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Unit 1: Evidence

M Aug 21: Course intro

W Aug 23: Dissoi Logoi, Epoche, Exigence, Kairos

F Aug 25:     Cognitive Biases Reflection Assignment


M Aug 28: Logical Fallacies (YouTube tours)

W Aug. 30: Cargo Cult Science & Scientific Integrity

F Sept 1: Evidence &  Appeals


M Sept 4:   Class does not meet/Labor Day holiday

W Sept 6 : Research Terminology and Mapping

F Sept 8: Evidence Test (take home)

M Sept 11: The Scientific Evidence Cycle/ Topic Discussion Day           

W Sept 13 :Types of Sources: Peer-Reviewed, Think Tanks,


F: Sept 15: Types of Sources: Propaganda, PseudoScience, Fake News,                        Perception Management;  Evidence Test due in D2L 

M Sept 18: Kuhn Cycle Quiz / Assign   Annotated Bibliographies

W Sept 20:  Open Sourcing Workshop:  Google Research Shortcuts

F Sept. 22:   APA BASICS 


M Sept 25: Setting up Twitter research feeds in class; bring laptops.

W Sept 27: Research Roundtable

F Sept 29:   Open workshop (optional attendance) for bibliographies

M Oct 2: 

                Rhetorical Analysis: UN Charter on Human Rights

Unit 2: Classical Argument

M Oct 2: UN Declaration of Human Rights rhetorical analysis.
W Oct 4:  Conferences
F Oct 6:   Fall Break
(turn in bibliography here)

M Oct 9: Cutoff date for Annotated Bibliographies
Discussion of MLK's Birmingham jail letter   
                Intro to Classical Argument

W Oct 11: Writing Intros & Background
F Oct 13:  TCU 150th/class did not meet
M Oct 16: Intros & Call to Action
W Oct 18: Writing Background/Narratio
F Oct 20:  Writing Rebuttals

M Oct 23:  Writing Rebuttals; Writing Calls to Action                   

W Oct 25: APA workshop
F Oct 27:   
Norming Session


Public Advocacy Website

M. Oct.30: Peer-Review Rough Drafts

W. Nov. 1: Research Roundtable

F. Nov 3: Class does not meet.  CUTOFF DATE FOR CLASSICAL ARGUMENT


M.Nov.6: FAQ Assignment

W.Nov.8: FAQ workshop/ FAQ due 

F.Nov.10: Conflict Resolution & Framing


M.Nov.13: “About Me” assignment

W.Nov.16: Introduction to Wix templates

F.Nov.17: Toolbars and Tabs/ Editing Text in Wix


M.Nov.20:  Thanksgiving break

W.Nov.22:    Thanksgiving break


M.Nov. 27: Intro to Wix and web advocacy

W. Nov. 29:  Wix workshop in class

F. Dec. 1: Wix workshop in class


M.Dec.4: Web advocacy works in progress in class

W.Dec.6:  Web advocacy works in progress in class

F.Dec.8: Study Day 


: Final Exam Time: 2:00 - 4:30 pm on Dec. 15

                        Open workshop / help session

                        Website must be transferred on Wix by 5 pm.

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