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  • Begging the question  (creating more questions than answers)

  • Non sequitur (irrelevant sequence of logic)

  • False authority  (offering ordinary testimony as expert testimony)

  • False dilemma (dual choice fallacy) (false binary)

  • Snob appeal  (to be among the elite, you must accept this premise)

  • Bandwagon  (everybody’s doing it)

  • Ad populum  (the majority wants this)

  • Ad hominem (attacking the man rather than the idea)

  • Hasty generalization (jumping to conclusions)

  • Sweeping generalization (applying something too broadly)

  • False analogy  (ineffective or inaccurate comparison)

  • Post hoc, ergo propter hoc (false cause) 


 Using the definitions above, classify the numbered statements according to the type of fallacy it exhibits.

  1. That man drives an expensive car like drug dealers in movies; that man is a drug dealer.

  2. Give up smoking, or face a grisly death from lung cancer.

  3. Anybody who is not a virgin at the time of marriage will not get into heaven.

  4. How can she know anything about physics! She’s a Phi Mu!

  5. The Iraqi people are grateful for the U.S. presence.My brother was there two months and he told me so.

  6. Since the PG-13 rating was introduced, young people see a lot more violence and sex in movies.That rating should never have been introduced.

  7. People from Plano are not as good drivers as people from Dallas.

  8. I do not think anyone who drives a Hummer should be taken seriously.

  9. He is the best diver on the swim team.We should not offer him an academic scholarship.

  10. You should get an Iphone because the majority of students have them.

  11. Crossword puzzles are like calisthenics to make the mind stronger.

  12. You are either with us or against us.

  13. Fords are terrible cars; I owned one once and it broke down.

  14. Men are more logical thinkers.

  15. I wouldn’t take her too seriously, since she has blond hair.

  16. The price of freon has been rising ever since the EPA banned it, so banning something makes it more valuable.

  17. Either you can buy a membership at Muscle Nation or you can be a couch potato.

  18. If we ban semi-automatic assault weapons, the feds will eventually take away all our guns.

  19. Bill Clinton wanted television shows to have ratings to protect children which is a surprisingly moral position for an adulterer.

  20. If you buy this car, your family will be safer.




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