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Write a brief critique of your chosen advocacy website by commening on at least 3 items from each of these categories:

Some Questions to Consider:

  • How do they prove the exigence of the issue?

  • How do they educate the public on the issue?

  • How do they use visuals or graphics to persuade?  Does the overall design lend authority or weakness?

  • Do they target a specific stakeholder, or include many?

  • Do they express the cost of doing nothing?

  • What specific actions do they call for?

  • Do they identify the impediments or obstacles to what they are asking for?

  • Who are the opponents to the change they seek?

  • How do they identify and attract like-minded people to the cause?

  • How do they keep up with evolving data or events that affect the cause?


Build a Network

  • How do they bring together like-minded constituencies toward a common goal?

  • How do they build support and credibility among target groups or across demographics?

  • How do they raise the profile of the issue by exploiting inexpensive internet platforms?

  • How do they design events to rally their group or viewer base?

  • How clear are their claims, evidence, warrants, etc.?

  • How do they establish and communicate with their network of constituents?

  • How clearly do they express their goals?

  • How do they actively fundraising for their cause, or do they amplify a larger funding effort by routing viewers to another site?

  • Identify and establish relationships with policymakers, organizations, individuals At what level are they seeking to influence:  policymakers, professional groups, individuals?  All?


Tools for Influencing Policymakers

  • Meet-ups or events scheduled?

  • Testimony in hearings or town halls?

  • E-mail campaigns to key officials/policymakers?

  • Telephone calls?

  • Personal visits?

  • Position papers that are rich in neutral, non-politicized data?

  • Policy briefs that share current “best practice” info? (usually in pdfs but not always)



Tools for Influencing Via Media

  • Fact Sheets, FAQ’s,  to educate the "layman" on the topic?

  • Information Packets/Press kits available to reporters?

  • Targeted, dedicated Twitter research and data stream/networked with reporters?

  • Other social media networking?  Appropriate to target demographics?

  • Dedicated website (only one cause)?

  • Amplification of like-minded messages from OTHER thought leaders on the issue:  re-tweets, links  to like-minded websites?

  • Youtube Channel/broadcasts?

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