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Evidence Test (Take-Home)

Evidence Test (take home)

ENGL 20803 Section 63

Fall 2023

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Terms to include in your analysis if relevant: Dissoi logoi, scientific integrity, layman, evidence, anecdotal, analogous, expert testimonial, eyewitness testimonial, quantitative (determinative), quantitative (stochastic), normal science, anomaly, pattern recognition, pilot study, corroborative study, meta-analysis



Option 1:


Choose an evidence-based documentary film on the topic you are thinking of choosing as your independent study topic this semester. (Be sure it has examples of each type of evidence in it.) Write a short (2 pages, double-spaced) analysis of the “evidence map” of the article. Analyze what types of evidence are included, what types are omitted, and whether the evidence use is appropriate for “the layman” audience. Also, does the article honor scientific integrity according to Feynman’s definition? Analyze whether the science findings offered as evidence are in any way “out of date” and explain why.

Here are some good sources of documentaries with strong evidence maps:

TCU Guide to Film databases

Kanopy film database via TCU Library

Films on Demand database via TCU Library

PBS Frontline

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